Продолжительность. Якутская лайка - характеристика породы. Происхождение - 17 век. Место – Сибирь. Рост кобели: см. Рост суки. - Как Вы пришли к этой породе собак? С чего все началось? - Началось давно. Я с детства слышала о северных голубоглазых лайках на самом-то деле.
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"Карело-финская лайка, разводимая в нашей стране более 80 лет, из-за наличия в названии породы части «финская» поставлена на грань исчезновения как заводская отечественная порода. Лайки — общее название пород охотничьих собак северной лесной зоны Европы, Азии и Северной anc-nnov.ruтся к группе шпицев и их прототипов. Голова клинообразной формы, стоячие остроконечные уши, загнутый кольцом.

This is a versatile dog with excellent sense of smell, hearing and vision, strong hunting drive, endurance; they are aggressive to predators and soft and gentle to humans. Unlike most laika which are strictly hunting dogs, the Yakutian Laika is multi-purpose, expected to excel as a sled dog, but also to hunt game and herd reindeer and cattle.

Yakutian Laikas are tolerant regarding living conditions and easily endure the hostile climate of northern Siberia, even when left to fend for themselves. In harsh Siberian conditions they reveal their stamina; they tend to work in small groups and can work through the whole day, from dawn to sunset.

Yakutian Laikas are a breed with ancient origins developed by native Yakuts for hunting mammals and birds, herding livestock and hauling game back to camp. In the Sakha language , this breed is known as "Sakha yta" meaning "Yakut dog". Evidence of this breed can be found in archaeological remains dating 12, years ago.

The Kungur Chronicle and the Remezov Chronicle , created at the end of the 16th century and respectively, tells about the people living along Siberian rivers, whose primary means of transport was riding on reindeer or dogs.

Rivers where there is no fish or it is not enough to feed the dogs, reindeer are used for transportation, and such rivers were called "deer rivers. With the increased demand for white polar foxes in the 17th century, the Arctic exploration received its spike.

Origin and subsequent formation of the breed are still not quite known, but because of the hard to access country and extreme natural conditions, Yakutian Laikas have lived as primitive aboriginal breeds; they were rarely confined and mated freely.

Naturally, local type dogs could be preserved only under conditions of complete isolation from dogs of other breeds. First scientific descriptions of dogs of Yakutia were published in late 18th century, when first geographic studies of the north were conducted. It is even more strange that so little attention was paid to description of dogs of the north; their ancestral aboriginal type and numerous varieties remain obscure.

This monograph was written in Russian Geographic Society gave task to Mr. Maak to investigate Vilyuisk District. In , V. Describing dogs of Yakuts, Seroshevsky divides them into two groups, 1 guarding and hunting dogs and 2 maritime sled dogs. Yokhelson Johelson?

Except southwestern part of the territory, one can find dogs in every yurta, which are used for hauling firewood and other works needed by the household. The polar dog is not big, cm at the shoulder… In the appearance, with his prick ears, oblique set eyes, thick coat and broad massive head, pointed muzzle, low carried tail when the dog is tired, eats or in a bad mood , the dog is very similar to wolf.

Among them, there are shaggy dogs, and somewhat blunt muzzle not different from our Spitzes … Generally, type of Kolyma sled dog is diverse and, perhaps, it is a mix between Kamchatka and Eskimo sled dogs with another imported breed. It stands to a reason that other dogs relocated here together with new immigrants.

In principle, it remains so today and the dogs little changed with the spreading civilization in the Yakutian north. From the s to the s, Yakutian Laika numbers were in decline. Breed population reached an all-time low of in before revival efforts took off.

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